Who Am I?

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I guess I can roughly describe myself as follows:


I’m just another guy who believes in universal justice, World peace and a peaceful life. Though unlike many, I also try my best to  do everything in life for this cause. I am also a web enthusiast who supports progress, open source everything and filesharing.


I have B.Sc. degree as an engineer and M.Sc. on Informatics Online. I’d worked in various positions like “Patent Engineer”, “Sales Executive” before finally getting into the IT business in 2007, in which I’ve worked as “IT consultant”, “Software Developer / Instructor” and “Freelance Web Developer”. Finally, in 2010, I founded Weptile.(For further details, check the other links on the left)

Anything beyond this would be just personal stuff, which you can check from UfakOglan.com.

P.S. Disclaimer for native English speakers:

Yes, “Ufuk” is my real name 🙂 but (un?)fortunately it is not read as how you would think.


You can also find me on:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ufukerdogmus

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ufukerdogmus

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