What Do I Do?

This post is also available in: Turkish

As a web enthusiast, founder of Weptile and a M.Sc. on Information Systems; I have to do my best to follow and support the leading web technologies and trends. For this, and other reasons I work and focus on:

  • Open Source CMS technologies (WordPress, Drupal and others)
  • Web development and systems design
  • Php, javascript languages
  • User Interface development
  • jQuery and MooTools javascript libraries
  • Web Design and global trends
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Google Adwords (certificated by Google), Adsense and all SEM (Search Engine Marketing) related issues
  • Web hosting
  • Web project management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Apart from these, you can check my non-technical work and hobbies from NesliUfuk.com. I also write political blogs in FikirFarki.com. FYI, the site is in Turkish. I hope to get a similar project in English too soon.